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Cosactive EcoMul

Cosactive EcoMul is a natural powder mixture of thickeners and stabilisers.

Cosactive Toco Power

Cosactive Toco Power ist eine effektive Mischung natürlicher Tocopherole und eines Tocopherolderivates.

Cosactive Phytar

Cosactive Phytar is an optimised blend of phytic acid and arginine.

Cosactive NMF

Cosactive NMF is a mixture of humectants in aqueous solution.

Cosactive HS Smooth

Cosactive HS Smooth is a hydrophilic liquid raw material with lysolecithin.

Cosactive EcoStab

Cosactive EcoStab is a natural powder mixture of an emulsifier and microcrystalline cellulose.

Cosactive MF 0507 ECO

Cosactive MF 0507 ECO is a multifunctional raw material of natural origin.

Cosactive EcoMulStab

A natural powder mixture of emulsifiers, stabilisers and tapioca starch for the production of high-quality O/W emulsions.

Cosactive Tocas

Cosactive Tocas is an optimised blend of vitamin E and a vitamin C ester.