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Cosactive HS Smooth




Aqua, Lysolecithin, Pentylene Glycol, 1,2-Heptanediol

Recommended application concentration

Minimum 1%
Maximum 10%

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Cosactive HS Smooth is a hydrophilic liquid raw material with lysolecithin, which can be used both for skin care but especially optimally for hair care.

This innovative skincare ingredient contains lysolecithin, which has been enzymatically modified to create a more hydrophilic character. This results in a higher water binding capacity that can create a lighter and silkier skin feel in leave on formulations.

In addition, Cosactive HS Smooth as a refatting and conditioning component in hair care products ensures good combability and a smoother hair feel. It is important here to set an acidic pH value for the cationic effect of the lecithin.

Cosactive HS Smooth can also be used to support the incorporation of small amounts of hydrophobic ingredients into hydrophilic bases due to its emulsifying properties.

Formulation properties

Cosactive HS Smooth is easy to process – can be added to the cold or hot water phase and the dosage form can be prepared as usual. This care substance is relatively insensitive to pH values, so that it can be incorporated in a wide pH spectrum. For a conditioning effect, a pH value of around pH 5 should be observed. Application concentrations vary from 1%-10% depending on the desired effect.

Cosactive HS Smooth as a solution for innovative hair and skin care

Cosactive HS Smooth has been developed for innovative and luxurious skin and hair care formulations. Due to its exceptional skin feel and hair conditioning properties, this raw material is predestined for modern development concepts. Last but not least, the simple handling makes both development and production easy to implement.

  • vegan
  • natural origin
  • microplastic-free
  • preservative-free
  • easy handling
  • Available from 1kg
  • Best before date: 24 months

Raw formulations

  • coming soon

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