Raw materials

Cosactive MF 0507 ECO




Pentylene Glycol, 1,2-Heptanediol

Recommended application concentration

Minimum 0,5%
Maximum 5%

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Cosactive MF 0507 ECO is a multifunctional raw material of natural origin that can be used for both skin care and product protection.

Its multifunctionality results from the combination of moisturising and antibacterial properties, as well as the support of antioxidant capacity.

Cosactive MF 0507 ECO is easy to formulate and can be incorporated into numerous dosage forms. It is usually incorporated by adding it to the water phase – or at the end of the process, after cooling. An application concentration of 0.5-5% is recommended*.


  • Has water-binding properties and therefore has a moisturising effect on the skin.
  • Strengthens the antioxidant effect of antioxidants to better protect sensitive raw materials in the product.
  • Has antibacterial properties: application concentrations of 2-3.5% support the antimicrobial effect with and without preservatives. Suitable for both W/O and O/W emulsions – also for preservative-free formulations.

Cosactive MF 0507 ECO as an all-rounder

Cosactive MF 0507 is a multifunctional raw material for the developer, who is looking for a quick and natural alternative to create a recipe safely and innovatively.

  • vegan
  • Natural origin
  • microplastic-free
  • Easy handling
  • available from 1kg
  • MHD: 24 months

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