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Cosactive EcoMul




Sclerotium Gum, Xanthan Gum, Acacia Senegal Gum, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate

Recommended application concentration

Minimum 1%
Maximum 3%

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Cosactive EcoMul is a natural powder mixture of thickeners and stabilisers for the production of high-quality O/W emulsions and hydrogels.

Cosactive EcoMul is easy to formulate and can be incorporated into numerous dosage forms. It is usually incorporated by adding it to the water phase – or at the end of the process, after
cooling. An application concentration of 0.5-3.5% is recommended – depending on the desired consistency.

Cosactive EcoMul is compatible with numerous polar and non-polar oils, electrolytes and can be formulated in a wide pH range (pH 3-10).


  • water-soluble powder
  • beautiful rheological profile
  • high heat stability
  • moisturising
  • smoothing skin feel

For the use of Cosactive EcoMul without the addition of a emulsifier: The pH value of Cosactive EcoMul is in a neutral range (pH 7). In this range, the stabiliser forms creamy white emulsions, in a skin-neutral pH range (pH 5.5) it generates cream gels.

Cosactive EcoMul – wide range of applications for your product development

Cosactive EcoMul can be used to formulate both compact creams and hydrogels. This versatile raw material forms aesthetic formulations with and without emulsifiers that are characterised by excellent stability and an extremely elegant skin feel. Thanks to its high compatibility with numerous raw materials and good thermal stability, it is also an ideal addition to sun protection products.

  • vegan
  • natural origin
  • microplastic-free
  • easy handling
  • available from 1kg
  • shelf-life date: 24 months

Raw formulation

  • coming soon

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