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Cosactive Phytar


Chelating agent


Phytic Acid, Aqua, Arginine

Recommended application concentration

Minimum 1%
Maximum 3%

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Cosactive Phytar is an optimised blend of phytic acid and arginine. This natural chelating agent effectively inactivates metal ions while adding arginine to the product.

Metal ions can enter a cosmetic formulation through the production equipment, as impurities of natural ingredients (e.g. extracts, pigments) and through the process water. Active ions promote oxidation reactions and discolouration, as well as odour-perceptible changes in the fragrances used.

We have developed this partially neutralised variant to supply the skin with arginine using this excipient. Skin-functional raw materials are important to us, because every raw material should
contribute to skin care.

Arginine is a nitrogen reservoir in cells and is converted into ammonia and urea in the body by the urea cycle. Arginine is the sole source of nitric oxide (NO), an important messenger in the
human body. It helps to improve the cellular immune response. In children and the elderly, the body’s own production of arginine is usually insufficient. Here, additional administration can significantly improve health.


Ideally, it is added with the active ingredient phase below 40°C.

Cosactive Phytar – chelating agents with effect

This natural and effective chelating agent protects your product and is also an active ingredient for improving cellular skin cell communication. A chelating agent with skin effect!

  • vegan
  • Yellowish liquid
  • ISO 16128 = 100% natural origin content
  • Storage at 10-25°C
  • without preservatives
  • available from 1 kg
  • best before date: 24 months

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